Monday, March 23, 2009

It's been awhile since I have posted anything, so this is just a catch up day. Ruby is just as darling as ever and makes us so happy. She has really been into dressing herself lately. She always wants to pick out her clothes for the day but then she changes about ten different times. She also comes up with great dress up outfits. She has quite the little personality.
Clint has been super busy with school and Army stuff. He is doing so well and is ranked #1 among the cadets...all this while still maintaining a 4.0. What a guy. He is pretty amazing. My parents finally got their mission call. They are going to Brazil and leave in July. We are all so excited for them to have such a fun and neat experience. We recently went to Palm Springs for a little getaway. Ruby had a great time with her cousin Sophia. I will be posting pics of that trip soon.

Look at those sexy legs

Ruby and her cousin Ella

Ruby loves her little couch

Our little Princess

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