Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Felt Garland

I have loved this garland ever since I saw it here on this amazing blog Me oh My by my friend Nicole. I have been looking forward to making it for this Christmas season and I'll tell you what I couldn't be happier. It is so easy, there is no sewing involved, just a lot of cutting so get ready for that. My friend Janan and I made them together and her finger was numb for a week from all of the cutting.
I am loving felt right now and all of the great things there are to make with it, so after the garland was made I used the leftover felt to make a circle garland. I just cut random sized circles and lined them up in the random order that I wanted and then sewed them together. It is so cute and just adds that extra little bit to anything. I have one on a window opening with all of the vintage ceramic figurines that my mom gave me. These little pieces remind me of my childhood.

I couldn't stop there, so I made a garland for the tree

My little Ru made this gingerbread elf for school
She had it all planned out and knew exactly what she wanted.
Cute thing

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Merry Christmas

We are getting so excited for Christmas around here. Although it is quite weird not to be freezing and have no snow. But it certainly is christmasy inside our house.
We have been baking yummy treats. Ruby's treat of choice is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. which is way more fall or thanksgiving to me, but she loves em, so we have made a couple of batches and they always disappear fast.
I have been doing little projects to make more Christmas decorations.
Who doesn't want more Christmas????
This is such an easy banner to make.
All you need is paper, twine and Holly leaves and berries
I cut out the letters with my Cricut and glued them to white squares.
You'll notice that my white squares aren't uniform. I wanted them to look random and hand done, to give it an older vintage look.
I punched a hole in the top of each square and then reinforced the hole.
Then I tied each square individually with twine to a long strand of twine.
To finish it, I hot glued Holly leaves and berries where I wanted them.
I love the traditional look of this banner.
I liked it so much I made one for my mom and my mother-in-law.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Thankful For......

I know I am a bit late with the whole Thankful thing,
But I didn't want another day to pass without sharing what I am so very Thankful for.

These two make my life what it is. I couldn't ask for two better people to share it with.

Clint is an amazing man that is perfect for me. I am so thankful that he is willing to serve our country and go to work everyday and allow me to stay home with Ruby and be creative .

Ruby is a complete joy to have in my life. I stare at her every day and am so thankful that I have her. She is so sensitive and concerned with making her mom and dad happy. I miss her everyday when she is at school and can't wait til she gets home to play with me.

I am Thankful that we have such good friends here that love us and love Ruby and make her feel like she actually has siblings.

How adorable are these pictures?

I am thankful for the yummy meal we shared with such great friends. Mmmmmmm

I am thankful for the beauty that is all around us.
We have loved living here in Alabama and will miss so many things about it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Costume

Today for school Ruby got to dress up as either a Pilgrim or a Native American.
We chose Native American since we already had the whole thing figured out
thanks to this Family photo.
However....we did add a little something to it for the occasion.
The day before she had to wear it to school Clint suggested I make a little vest to go over her dress, that way she could help me decorate it the way she wanted.
So I headed to the fabric store and got myself some faux leather and some ribbon trim (we already had the beads and feathers) and this is what we came up with.

It was so easy.
I used an old vest of Ruby's to figure out the my pattern.
Once I did that i just cut it out, sewed the two side seems together and sewed the trim around the neck and down the front.
Then we just cut strips all the way around the bottom for the fringe.
So dang cute!!!!!
Ruby came up with the design of all the accessories that we added.
She did the beads and the feathers all by herself!

Ruby's cute friend Tierney.
The first time I saw this picture I couldn't believe how tall Ruby is getting.
She is a giant it looks like.

Did you notice the hair?????
She got it cut yesterday.
She was a bit traumatized, but loves it now.
Have you ever had to deal with a child wanting their hair cut for weeks and then when you finally do it they cry and throw a fit?
Well it wasn't fun.
After the first cut she said she changed her mind and just wanted to leave it that way.
I think she looks so cute with short hair.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Only in The South

We had a very busy Saturday and pretty much all of it consisted of things that could only happen in The South.
I know that I have said before that there are always these different festivals that they hold here on Ft. Rucker. Its pretty cool that they always have stuff going on. So in the fall they have a chili cook off and you can buy tickets and then go to these different booths and get a little cup of their chili. It's totally fun and there are always fun activities for the kids.
What made us laugh the most this year though was this chili booth.......

I mean honestly.....we couldn't even bring ourselves to try this chili cause the booth just grossed us out.

But there was plenty of other chili to try

Ruby decorated her own thanksgiving bag

And then we waited in line for the obstacle course. Ruby loves doing this and I even gave it a shot this time. I totally rocked it in my UTAH sweatshirt!!!!!!

There goes Ruby

In the afternoon we headed off to the National Peanut Festival.....I know....you probably had no idea there was such a thing.
But it's a pretty big deal around here, so we thought we'd check it.

There were barrels and barrels of peanuts throughout the entire festival,
just grab a handful and shell em as you walk.

Cute Michael and Janan

Our Stake has a booth every year of "Elephant Ears"
basically a scone with cinnamon and sugar on it. The money made goes to the local boy scout groups so we had to give our share and buy one. Yummy!!!!
For sure the best part about going to a festival like this is all the YUMMY food you get to consume. As we finished the night we realized that we didn't even have dinner, just a bunch of junk food. But it was oh soooooo delicious!

Cotton candy

This cotton candy was so good. They even had different flavors! Have you ever heard of that? and if so have you ever tried it?
Well we did....of course. Remember I said all we ate was junk food.
We tried grape, green apple, and strawberry

Next we found the Kettle corn
and ate the entire bag

Then we saw these tasty Turkey Legs. Don't they look Yummy?
Well I couldn't tell you cause we didn't get one.
Remember the junk food?
I'm not kidding when I said that's all we ate.
I mean those logs look good, but c'mon we had to save room for the important stuff.

We had a great time walking around and checking everything out. Even though we were a bit creeped by the Carni people.

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