Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Felt Garland

I have loved this garland ever since I saw it here on this amazing blog Me oh My by my friend Nicole. I have been looking forward to making it for this Christmas season and I'll tell you what I couldn't be happier. It is so easy, there is no sewing involved, just a lot of cutting so get ready for that. My friend Janan and I made them together and her finger was numb for a week from all of the cutting.
I am loving felt right now and all of the great things there are to make with it, so after the garland was made I used the leftover felt to make a circle garland. I just cut random sized circles and lined them up in the random order that I wanted and then sewed them together. It is so cute and just adds that extra little bit to anything. I have one on a window opening with all of the vintage ceramic figurines that my mom gave me. These little pieces remind me of my childhood.

I couldn't stop there, so I made a garland for the tree

My little Ru made this gingerbread elf for school
She had it all planned out and knew exactly what she wanted.
Cute thing

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  1. What a cute garland! I love Ruby's short hair and all your creativeness with her costumes and holiday decor. You guys look great and I'm glad you're enjoying some WARM weather, lucky lady!


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