Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Present How to

For Clint's Birthday I made this wall art.
I always have such a hard time deciding what to get Clint for his Birthday
because we both just get what we want throughout the year.
So after stressing....I decided to make something that showed him how much I love him.

This is the Inspiration....It is from the adorable Chasing Fireflies. I Love that catalog.
This one costs $278.00
Crazy right? They are practically identical
(Chasing Fireflies)

I bought a long piece of 1"x2" and a large piece of 1/4" wood
I decided what size I wanted it to be and I gave those measurements to the wonderful
Michael Welch, and he did the amazing stuff.
He went way above and beyond what I was planning on doing.
He cut the 1x2 with the measurements that I gave him and gave the corners 45 degree cuts
He then routed out a 1/4 inch down the middle of each side
The 1/4 inch piece fit in perfectly. Snug as a bug.

Then it got pinned together for extra strength.

I wanted the frame to look like raw aged wood.
(just like the inspiration)
I looked up on line and used a method of soaking some 0000 steel wool in a glass jar of vinegar for 24 hrs. then you just brush the liquid onto the desired wood.
It worked like a charm.

I white washed the 1/4 wood and let it dry. Then I printed out the saying on the computer in the font that I wanted. I taped the paper to the wood where I wanted it and with a ball point pen I traced the saying. This makes a little indentation onto the wood so that when you remove the paper you can see the saying and just paint within the indented lines.
After the paint was dry I gave it a quick sand. and then I was done.

I love how it turned out and that it is something so personal that I made for Clint.
The other great thing is that I can use it in my Valentine decorating.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

DisneyWorld Day 1

For Christmas 2011 we went to Disney World
We went with my parents and my brother Matt and his wife Yoshi and their cute little Mei
We had so much fun.
I love Disney anything and Ruby has been to Disneyland twice but this was her 1st Disney World experience.
We didn't even tell her that we were going. We just showed up at The Magic Kingdom.
It was so fun watching her face and how excited she was. I couldn't stop taking pictures of her just looking at everything.
It really is a Magical place.

Cinderella's Castle

These faces were so excited and just pure Joy

There are always tons of shows going on and typically we don't stop for those.
We just run to the next ride
But Ruby was really amazed at seeing all the characters so we watched pretty much every show that was available
There were also some great Holiday shows and Parades. It was so fun to be there during Christmas.

Mei's cute face

We loved spending time with Matt and Yoshi and Mei and getting to know them better.

Waiting for a parade

All the fun Christmas lights and decorations down Main Street USA

The view of the castle as we were leaving on the ferry

What a fun day
There are still 3 more days of pics to come.
Stay tuned
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Clint's Happy Birthday

January 11th was Clint's birthday.
It started out with Clint getting up at 4:15am to go to the flight line.
So exciting!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, I feel like such a lucky girl to be sharing this life with you.
Thanks for taking me on this journey with you.
We have had so many great experiences together with our little Ruby.
I love our family of 3 and even though it's not what we had hoped for.
I feel like we are so close as a family and I wouldn't change that for anything.
We truly cherish every little event and change in our lives . And that includes your special day!!!
Happy Birthday!
Love your Wifey

We had a birthday dinner that night and then had friends over for cake and ice cream.
I am so glad that we have friend here to share these special days with.
This picture was taken as we were all singing Happy Birthday
so typical.....on his phone

Clint always has to have a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting.
He remembers his mom always making one for him when he was growing up.
So cute!!!
I am not a big strawberry fan, but this Strawberry Shortcake Cake is so delicious.
But I always make some sort of chocolate cake too.
This year it was a Chocolate Raspberry and oh my was it divine.

This is what I gave Clint.
I love it, cause it is so true and it doesn't hurt to be reminded.
The best part is that I made it
(I had some help from our good friend Michael with the cutting, Thanks Michael)
But I feel like it means so much more knowing that I made it.
I am so happy with how it turned out.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Table Redo

I bought this table this past summer while I was in Utah.
I fell in love with it because of the two drop leaf sides
and I thought it would be a great size to use as our desk/craft/project table
The other great thing about it is it had two leaves to make it even bigger

This is what it looked like when I bought it

After being stripped and sanded

The legs getting a coat of primer

And here are all of the lovely after shots

The top was stained in dark walnut and coated with a wax

The base was painted in Creamy by Sherwin Williams
I fell in love with this table from Miss Mustard Seed and had to try it.
So it worked out perfect when I found this table.
The only thing I didn't do that Miss Mustard Seed did is rub stain over the legs after they were painted. I tend to like a cleaner look.

I have loved this table so I am sad that we may not keep it.
We have to figure out what we will have room for in Washington.
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