Friday, January 6, 2012


I have had a few different people ask me about the Poms that I made for my sisters wedding.
I love these poms.
They are super easy but a bit time consuming
I have made so many of these for a ton of different occasions
Birthday parties
Baby showers
I even have some hanging in Ruby's room right now!!!!

What you will need:
Tissue Paper
Floral wire

1. Stack 8 pieces of tissue paper at either 20"x30" or 10"x20"
(like I said, I tend to make the smaller ones more)
Make 1 1/2" wide accordion folds(fold the longer width)
Make a really good crease with each fold.
2. when it is completely folded wrap floral wire around the center, but don't smash the paper
3. Trim both ends, either to a pint, or rounded
4. Slowly and carefully fan out each individual accordion, and give it desired puffiness
5. Hang with either monofilament or ribbon

I tend to make the small ones more often because they hold there shape longer
I also like doing the rounded edge more than the pointy
But that is all a personal preference.
The ones that I have hanging in Ruby's room
I made for a baby shower over a year ago and they still look perfect!!!!

Have fun & let me know what you make them for!!!

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  1. I have also made them a ton - they are cheap and easy and make such a huge impact. I even have some hanging in my daughters' room and they get the most comments!

  2. Thanks Elyse! I made one for Evolet's room, but I can't get it to look like a ball. On top and bottom, it's more open. Hmm. Any ideas?

  3. What a great post! You are so crafty, it kills me :) I thought you had purchased the Martha Stewart fold-out ones from Michaels...but I should've known you could out-smart Martha and make your own that are way cuter and I'm sure less expensive. How exciting about Washington too! I've never been there, but it seems easier to visit than Alabama...when is the big day?!? Looks like New Years was a blast, cute suit, mrs skinny mini!! ;)

  4. These are so pretty and who knew they were so easy. Thanks for a great tutorial. I have pinned this post. I am a new follower visiting from The Girl Creative. Vicky from Mess For Less

  5. I'm so glad i just saw your tutorial because I love poms and need to make some for a wedding shower. I had bought some on Etsy, then when they came about died because I saw how simple they are.


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