Saturday, January 21, 2012

DisneyWorld Day 1

For Christmas 2011 we went to Disney World
We went with my parents and my brother Matt and his wife Yoshi and their cute little Mei
We had so much fun.
I love Disney anything and Ruby has been to Disneyland twice but this was her 1st Disney World experience.
We didn't even tell her that we were going. We just showed up at The Magic Kingdom.
It was so fun watching her face and how excited she was. I couldn't stop taking pictures of her just looking at everything.
It really is a Magical place.

Cinderella's Castle

These faces were so excited and just pure Joy

There are always tons of shows going on and typically we don't stop for those.
We just run to the next ride
But Ruby was really amazed at seeing all the characters so we watched pretty much every show that was available
There were also some great Holiday shows and Parades. It was so fun to be there during Christmas.

Mei's cute face

We loved spending time with Matt and Yoshi and Mei and getting to know them better.

Waiting for a parade

All the fun Christmas lights and decorations down Main Street USA

The view of the castle as we were leaving on the ferry

What a fun day
There are still 3 more days of pics to come.
Stay tuned
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  1. How fun!!! All of your pictures turned out so good, they all look like postcards! When do you guys take off to Washington?

  2. So fun! It feels like Jason and I were there just yesterday. Such a magical place! Miss you guys!


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