Wednesday, February 23, 2011


with Mas and Pas
We have been having fun with my Mom and Dad. We've been eating at fun restaurants like
Another Broken Egg and
If you ever get a chance to be in Destin FL you have to go eat at these two places. You will love them just like we do. I want to go there right now just thinking about it.

If you look really close you can see that the ceiling in Mcguires is coverd with money. I mean covered, It is incredible how many dollar bills are in that place.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


that we are not in the freezing cold weather in utah

This is what we have been up to this week. The weather is getting warmer and we have been spending a ton of time outside. These are the days that we don't miss utah.....But we do miss all of our family and friends.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cookies Cookies Cookies

Ruby had a Valentine's cookie party with a few of her friends. We decorated yummy cookies and read Ruby's favorite book "Ruby Valentine" and went to the park. It is so fun to see Ruby interact with her friends. She always reminds us that she is a big girl and shows us how tall she is. What a cute thing.





This is Ruby's Valentine shirt that I made for her. I think it turned out way cute. I was quite pleased.

Ruby, We love you so very much, and are glad you had a fun Valentine's Day. Thanks for asking us to be your valentine.
Love, Mom and Dad

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heart Garland

This is a cute craft I did this weekend. I think it turned out so cute and I love the fun colors it added to all of our Valentitnes Decorations. Here is how I made it.

To start
You will want double sided scrapbooking paper because you will see both sides on the finished garland. I used 10 12X12 sheets. Cut out your hearts. I got 9 3" hearts out of each sheet. I used my cricut which saved a ton of time, but is not necessary.

Next, pair up the hearts using two different prints per set.
You will sew each set together and then connect all the hearts like a chain, just keep adding them on while you sew.

Once you have your chain of hearts done just bend the paper in the center to give it a 3D look


Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Cookies...Mmmmmm

Don't they look absolutley delicious? I love making these perfect little sugar cookies. There honestly is nothing better, especially when they are customized for any Holiday. Wish you all were here to share them with us!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Beach..... Again

This time the weather was soooooo much nicer. Ruby even played in the water. It was much too cold for me, cause we all know I am a baby when it comes to being cold. But it was warm just hanging on the beach. So I was happy.

Those are some pretty sweet moves by the Dubes huh?

Now this is a great picture of Clint and Jason. However they really wanted me to take the pic to get thhat sexy older woman in it. If you can't see her that well keeping scrolling down to the next pic.......

Isn't that sad....I used my daughter to try and get a better shot of the cougar. I really am pathetic. But it was pretty hilarious. Can you believe that woman. WOAH!!!!!
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