Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heart Garland

This is a cute craft I did this weekend. I think it turned out so cute and I love the fun colors it added to all of our Valentitnes Decorations. Here is how I made it.

To start
You will want double sided scrapbooking paper because you will see both sides on the finished garland. I used 10 12X12 sheets. Cut out your hearts. I got 9 3" hearts out of each sheet. I used my cricut which saved a ton of time, but is not necessary.

Next, pair up the hearts using two different prints per set.
You will sew each set together and then connect all the hearts like a chain, just keep adding them on while you sew.

Once you have your chain of hearts done just bend the paper in the center to give it a 3D look


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