Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Beach..... Again

This time the weather was soooooo much nicer. Ruby even played in the water. It was much too cold for me, cause we all know I am a baby when it comes to being cold. But it was warm just hanging on the beach. So I was happy.

Those are some pretty sweet moves by the Dubes huh?

Now this is a great picture of Clint and Jason. However they really wanted me to take the pic to get thhat sexy older woman in it. If you can't see her that well keeping scrolling down to the next pic.......

Isn't that sad....I used my daughter to try and get a better shot of the cougar. I really am pathetic. But it was pretty hilarious. Can you believe that woman. WOAH!!!!!


  1. oh my awesomeness!!! Indeed that is a sweet move Rubes was bustin out and WOWZA, that lady rocks!! So funny that you got a picture of that too, love it!

  2. I'm loving all the new posts. Ruby is a doll and I'm so jealous you can go sit at the beach - keep your eyes peeled for some good air-fare and I'll be out in a heart beat :) Especially if tits on a ritz will be out there walking the scene! haha, that coug is outta control! Miss YOU!!!!!

  3. Lovin the pics babe! Wish I was playing on the beach, I wouldn't be in the water either.


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