Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Frost Fairy

Wow!!!!! This year was stressful when it came to Ruby deciding what she wanted to be for Halloween. I'm sure she is like most 5 yr olds changing her mind 10 times a day. But she literally has been talking about what she wants to be this Halloween since last Halloween. She was all over the place. She went from The Little Mermaid to Rapunzel to an Indian to an Avatar. Near the end I heard things like The Statue of Liberty to The Bride of Frankenstein.....I really wish I would have made a list of all the things she went through. But ultimately I was so happy when she stuck with The Frost Fairy idea, even though she just made up her mind 1 week ago. I think she make such a beautiful Frost Fairy, and I had so much fun making the costume.

I was actually super lucky that stores were starting to put out Christmas decorations, because that is pretty much how I was able to pull this costume off and put it together.
The wings - 2 Branches for decorating Xmas trees that I just attached together
with wire and glue
The headband - One of my ribbon wrapped headbands that I just attached the snowflake
ornaments to with glue using my favorite E6000
The wand - painted dowel with a snowflake ornament attached and embellished
with ribbon and tinsel
For the bodice I bleached a pink leotard and embellished it with white fringe yarn
The Skirt - Tons of tulle and a cheap sheet and ribbon.
I just went with it on this one. I knew how I wanted it to turn out and I just whipped it up.
The key to everything was just using my imagination.
It was so fun to put this together and I am sooooo glad that Ruby gets to wear it 3 times this year.

The wings are definitely my favorite part. I just love how it makes the whole thing sparkle.

We sprayed glitter everywhere and she loved it. She kept wanting more and more. A girl after my own heart. Loves the glitter.

This picture was Ruby's idea....she said "mom take a picture of me looking down like this."

The classic Halloween parade at school...I didn't send the wings, cause I didn't want them to get ruined. But she still looked pretty darn adorable.

Oh how I love this little princess of mine. That shy little smile that makes my heart melt. You are the cutest Frost Fairy with the sweetest personality.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We headed out to the Pumpkin Patch for a family night activity.
We were so happy to go with The Welches
It's always more fun with em'

First the kids picked out their pumpkins

Then we headed out to see the animals

There were these beautiful sunflower fields that looked gorgeous in the afternoon sun

And finally we went out to the corn fields to pick our own corn.
The kids had a blast and we came away with lots of pumpkins.
The only bad thing is that we can't carve them til right before Halloween or else they go bad.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chamberlain 2011

This is just a preview of the annual Chamberlain Family Christmas photo.
We took this back in July when we went out to visit.
I am so excited for this one.
It was extra fun because we got to dress up
It was extra special because it was all Doug's idea,
all of the props used, like the spears and arrows were all made by Doug.
He loved crafting Indian weapons.

Isn't she the cutest little Indian princess ever.
I am trying to talk her into being one for Halloween
Since she changes her mind everyday I haven't made a costume yet and this would be super easy since we have everything and it is all actually part of her wardrobe.

Kim's cute family minus Liam who is Carlan's adorable little boy

That's right....horses and all.
Can you believe it?
Now you understand why this will be the best one yet

Cute Doug
It was so hot that day and He was not feeling well
We got him out to where we shot the photo in a golf cart that the owner of the horses luckily had.
It was a rough day for him, but I am so glad we will have this final picture.

Eden is so adorable and so sweet to Ruby
Every time we visit I realize how much I miss and love Cami's kids
Having such great nieces and nephews helps to make the pain of not having anymore of our own a little more bearable.

Cowgirl and Indian
Sophia and Ruby

Three of Kim's four
They are all so cute
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall in Utah

The first couple of weeks we were here in Utah the weather was warm and beautiful.
This past week it has turned cold and frigid.
I don't love the cold weather, but it has been so fun cozying in under the covers and snuggling with my two Loves.

Despite the cold we have still been able to enjoy the amazing colors that the fall weather brings to the mountains.

One thing I love doing whenever we visit Utah is going up to Clint's' family cabin up at Mt. Air
It is like a little tree house cabin that hasn't changed in years.
Whenever I am there I can imagine Clint's Grandma,
MersD Mama,
running around and playing as a child as she spent her summers at the cabin.
How fun would that have been?

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