Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall in Utah

The first couple of weeks we were here in Utah the weather was warm and beautiful.
This past week it has turned cold and frigid.
I don't love the cold weather, but it has been so fun cozying in under the covers and snuggling with my two Loves.

Despite the cold we have still been able to enjoy the amazing colors that the fall weather brings to the mountains.

One thing I love doing whenever we visit Utah is going up to Clint's' family cabin up at Mt. Air
It is like a little tree house cabin that hasn't changed in years.
Whenever I am there I can imagine Clint's Grandma,
MersD Mama,
running around and playing as a child as she spent her summers at the cabin.
How fun would that have been?


  1. We love you and hope your visit has had some sweet moments too. If you're free, call us! If not, we totally understand :) xoxo

  2. What program do you use for your pictures? I need to start learning how to make mine look better than the originals :) By the way, I changed our blog to Hope you are doing well!


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