Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve

The last 3 weeks have gone by so fast. We have done so much that it is going to take me awhile to catch up.
My parents have been in town
We went to Disney world for Christmas
We spent New Years at the beach.
I am going to start with New Year's and then catch up from there

So I was so glad that we got to spend New Year's Eve there.
We went down with my parents, but a bunch of our friends were there too.
It was a fun day and perfect weather.
I was prepping myself for freezingness at the beach.
I mean I was thinking coats and hats and all
But it was beautiful.

As always Ruby had fun with the Welch kids

Everyone did lots of reading and just hanging out.
The MEN went out on the kayak and snorkeling.
I mean it was nice weather but the water was freezing.
I spent most of the time listening to the Utes bowl game

It was great being there with so many people and just enjoying our time

This girl is going to miss the beach.

Ruby spent a ton of time tracing our shadows
It was so cute

Cute Man

Then Everyone got serious about building a sand castle.
It was funny to see the dads getting into it with the kids

Ruby was given the task of filling the bucket with water and bringing back to the castle.
She loved having an important job.

A few final shots of the last sunset of 2011
This is such a beautiful place. We are going to miss going down to the beach so easily.
But we are super excited to experience something new at Ft. Lewis WA

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  1. Such cute pics! Can you email me some of the ones you have of my fam??? airhartm@hotmail :) Thanks!

  2. Wait, so you're moving to Washington?! YAY! That's close to us! :) When do you move? We are going to be in Seattle in April. We should meet up. :) ...and I love how you spent New Year's Eve. Jealous!

  3. Hey, I also had a question. You know those tissue paper flower things you made that were hanging at Merrin's wedding? (Sorry I probably spelled her name wrong.) Well, what are they called and how do you make them? :)

  4. HOW FUN!!! We totally miss the beach. We are excited for you guys to get to go to Fort Lewis, WA what an adventure. So I took Tel to the airport today...we is headed to Fort RUCKER! They are doing some mission training for ten days. He said if he was some free time he will try and call clint!


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