Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Costume

Today for school Ruby got to dress up as either a Pilgrim or a Native American.
We chose Native American since we already had the whole thing figured out
thanks to this Family photo.
However....we did add a little something to it for the occasion.
The day before she had to wear it to school Clint suggested I make a little vest to go over her dress, that way she could help me decorate it the way she wanted.
So I headed to the fabric store and got myself some faux leather and some ribbon trim (we already had the beads and feathers) and this is what we came up with.

It was so easy.
I used an old vest of Ruby's to figure out the my pattern.
Once I did that i just cut it out, sewed the two side seems together and sewed the trim around the neck and down the front.
Then we just cut strips all the way around the bottom for the fringe.
So dang cute!!!!!
Ruby came up with the design of all the accessories that we added.
She did the beads and the feathers all by herself!

Ruby's cute friend Tierney.
The first time I saw this picture I couldn't believe how tall Ruby is getting.
She is a giant it looks like.

Did you notice the hair?????
She got it cut yesterday.
She was a bit traumatized, but loves it now.
Have you ever had to deal with a child wanting their hair cut for weeks and then when you finally do it they cry and throw a fit?
Well it wasn't fun.
After the first cut she said she changed her mind and just wanted to leave it that way.
I think she looks so cute with short hair.

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  1. Great job! Looks awesome! The whole time I was looking at the pics, I kept asking myself, "did Ruby get her hair cut?" Well, now I know :) It's so cute!!

  2. She probably made all the other kids costumes look rinky-dink because hers is amazing!!!


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