Monday, August 4, 2008

The following pictures are all pictures from my wonderful father-in-laws camera. He is great at always documenting everything the family does, which I am so grateful for. Thanks Doug It was soooo much fun when Mama and Papa were up at Mt. Air. We loved being able to see them in just a short 15 min drive up the canyon. This was a rare occasion that so many of us were up there at the same time. What fun memories!

I was so happy to see these pics of Ruby with Mama. She was such a special woman.

Ruby on Halloween 2007

Ruby with her cousin Sophia and Grandpa.
Sophia is the closest cousin to Ruby's age. I'm sure they will have lots of fun over the years.

Ruby wih her cousin Ella on Christmas Eve

Easter at the Chamberlain's

Family party

The folowing pics are of Clint's grandma's funeral. It was a beautiful small graveside service. The entire familiy came to town to celebrate ths amazing woman. Even though I only new Mama for a short 6 1/2 years I grew to love her very much. We will miss you Mama.

Me, Ruby and Holly Chamberlain at the graveside service

Lunch after the funeral with the whole family

One of the many family birthday parties at the Chamberlains

While we were in Palm Springs we headed to the beach for a day and were able to meet up with our good friends Bob and Jen Jackson and their adorable little girl Mary Jane. We had a good time getting dinner and ice cream. Thanks Bob and Jen for letting us borrow all of your beach gear.

Balboa Ferry

In the pool with Carrie and Travis.

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