Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Our little Geisha Girl... Halloween was so much fun with Ruby this year. She loved it!!!! I was surprised that she didn't complain about her costume (considering it wasn't a dress). I think the reason she was ok with it was because she got to wear lipstick all night. She caught on quickly to the whole trick-or-treating thing and in no time was pulling us along to the next house. What a doll.

We made another trip to Gardner Village because Ruby kept talking about the witches. This time Clint was able to go with us wich made it that much more fun for Ruby. She even got her face painted.


  1. How adorable! Don't you just love fall. The fun times are so special, especially with little kids!

  2. Hey guys! This is Charlene Barber and I gotta admit, I've been blog stalking for a bit now, I found your blog through Jessie's blog! Anywhoo, hope ya don't mind and your Ruby is just gorgeous!

  3. She looks so cute. We need to get together - miss you!

  4. Oh cute are you guys.. We miss you. Lets hang out soon.

  5. Ruby is so cute, as always! :)
    This is Scott and Heidi Hellstrom. We found your blog link on Stacey and Henry's blog. :)
    Your family pictures are beautiful!


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