Thursday, July 16, 2009


The biggest change around here is the fact that Clint is gone and has been for about two weeks and won't be back for another two weeks. He is off at Ft. Lewis, WA completing some army training. I have only been able to talk to him a couple of times via payphone and we don't even get to email. It's only written letters sent trough the mail. It's pretty pathetic. The time is actually going really fast for me. I have been so busy with youth conference, Ruby's birthday, my birthday, Grandma Ruby's birthday, the fourth of July, and so many family members being in town for my parents farewell before they head off to Brazil. I feel bad for Clint that he is missing so much, but I have been taking a ton of pics and will be posting them for you all to see too. The night before Clint left we were able to spend some time up at the Mt. Aire cabin. We love it up there.

We had Clint's parents over for Sunday dinner before he left

One last breakfast at Dee's with the Chamberlains


  1. It sucks to be away from family, especially when the Army won't let you use cell phones or computers. Somehow that's supposed to make for better warriors. At least it makes you appreciate the time you're together more.

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