Friday, April 23, 2010


Today was the long awaited egg retrieval. It was a minor surgical procedure so all I have been doing since is sleeping. Everything went well and Dr. Blauer retrieved 6 eggs, which is what they were hoping for. Now we just get to wait until tomorrow to see how many of them fertilized and started growing. Keep us in your prayers. We need em!!!!!!


  1. This is kind of a funny post, haha. ;) But I know what you're talking about, and we'll pray for ya for sure!! :) Good luck!

  2. We are THRILLED for you guys and have been praying round the clock for a sweet babe or two or three for you!! Hope you're doing well and that the clint man is back to do his duty of administering your shots. I'm sure he loves pretending to be a doctor ;) Lets get together before you's 24 days away! NOOO!!! We're going to miss you SO much!
    ps-the alta club flowers for V-day looked amazing. Nice work, hot mama!
    pss-Love the new blog header...haven't checked the blog in awhile.


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