Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ruby started school. I cried, but she has been so excited. Especially to ride the bus!!! Here at Ft. Rucker they have a Pre-K program, the bus picks them up and drops them off and Ruby just couldn't be happier. We are excited to see what this school year has in store for her. I just can't believe she is old enough to go to school all by herself. What a big girl!

Ruby getting off the bus after her BIG first day!

Can you even believe how cute this backpack is?


  1. Hey Babe,
    Your family is so beautiful!! I'm so sorry about your loss. I am constantly telling myself God has a plan. I wish I knew what it was, but i'll just keep going.
    I am so jealous you get to go to the beach all the time and especially Tampa. If you didn't go this last time you need to go to Siesta Key Beach. Hands down the best any where.
    I love that the education down there is better. Ruby is in a good place.
    I hope and pray all is well.
    Love, M

  2. Looks like you guys are doing well and enjoying the beauty of Alabama. We miss you and think about you every time we're close to your parents' house. How fun that Ruby is in preschool :) Love the backpack and all the beach photos. You're so lucky to have the beach as your playground!


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