Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mas and Pas in Alabama

Ruby has been so excited to have Mas and Pas visit her in Alabama
From the moment we picked them up at the airport she couldn't stop talking
She kept saying "I love you Mas and Pas"
She wanted to cuddle all night with them

We have done lots of fun things with them. We have been to the helicopter museum

And we have been down to the beach

Ruby played frisbee with Pas

Got burried in the sand

And found lots of seashells


  1. It looks like mas and pas were having a good time! I hope you guys are enjoying your new experiences as well.

  2. What FUN! I'm glad your parents are there and that you're having a good time. I love love love the photo of you and Rubes in the helicopter w/ your heads poking through the holes. I miss yoU and am sure that your house is all decked out for Halloween :D


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