Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nickle Ride

For those of you who don't know.... The Army is full of old traditions. The Nickle Ride is on of those traditions. In flight school it is a tradition that the first day you fly the helicopter you pay your pilot instructor a nicle from the year you were born. Well...Clint had his Nickle Ride this past week. I was so excited to hear how it went, and then he got home and he was all bummed cause he said he did'nt fly that well. All I could think is "you're not supposed to be able to fly well. It was your first day" But then I reminded myself that Clint is a perfectionsist. (One of the many things I love)I was so happy to hear that on day 2 he was more than happy with the way he flew. So here he is finally flying helicopters. AMAZING!!!!!!!
Congrats on your Nickle Ride Clint


  1. That's awesome! Such a cool tradition too.

  2. Whoa, count me out, I can't afford that many nickles!!!

    Great job Clint!

  3. Did you mean that Clint had to pay one nickle dated the year of his birth? Now for us older folks (like Grumpy) that might be a rare coin, so it would be costly!

    Congratulations to Clint for taking that first step--err, I mean flight--on the path to expertise.


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