Monday, January 17, 2011


Ruby had to have surgery today on her eyelids. She develops salazions on her eyes. which is the fancy way to say sty. The difference is that these beauties don't clear up on there own. So what we get is what you see below. She had them removed from all 4 eyelids and 13 were removed. Dr. Callahan said that he was really surprised that there were so many and that it was unusual. We are glad that we finally got this taken care of. Now we don't have to worry about everyone asking Ruby what is wrong with her eyes. And her responding with "My Dad hit me" There is a story behind this. Gotta love what kids say.

Once she was dressed they took us to pre op. That's where they gave her "Princess Juice"... the cute way of saying medication. After that Ruby was feeling pretty good. She was being really silly and enjoying everything.

Walking into post op was hard. To see her knocked out and looking like she had been beat up made both Clint and I want to cry for her. All the nurses and Dr. said she was so sweet and did a wonderful job. We are so protective of our little Ruby....knowing that she is all we have makes us just adore every second we have with her.


  1. Oh I'm sure that was SO scary for all of you. I didn't even know that she grew little bumps on her eyelids? She and her Bep looking darling in the hospital bed. Her little lips are just darling in the post op photos. I miss that little lady. I'd love to hear the story she told someone about clint hitting her. I'm sure that gave everyone a good laugh! We love you and hope recovery goes well. I think about you all the time Elyse and hope you're hanging in there. I'm waiting for when you set up your etsy shop. You need to add banners (your xmas ones are amazing!), cookies and headbands to the list :) I love Ruby's yellow polka dot bikini a few posts back. It's freezing here and you guys are enjoying the beach. So is my sister Megan in Hawaii. Sooo not fair!

  2. We're glad everything went as planned and that Ruby is doing well! Little ones and hospitals are scary stuff and hard on parents.

  3. I knew from Janet that all went well. Still, as Grumpy says, it's hard to go through for both child and parent.


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