Monday, April 4, 2011

For Heather

This is for my cute friend Heather who knows me all too well. I love bathing suits. I love buying new ones and finding cute ones that I just can't live without. She is a lucky girl and gets to go to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks. Jealous!!!!!! Anyway she asked if I had some ideas on where to get some suits. I have a list of ones that I am wanting to get. I know... I have a problem.
Since I am in Alabama, far from any major shopping I have to stick to internet shopping. But usually I love T.J. Maxx and Nordstrom Rack for swim suits. They are always way cheaper. All of the following are from Victoria's Secret.
Here are just a few....

I think this one just looks so fun and playful

Floral Ruffle Bandeau

This one has been in the Vicky's catalog for a long time, but I have always loved it, (And I promise it's not cause I am secretly in love with Marissa Miller) But I just think it is a good basic cut and such a cute print

Boho print Halter

This one is a pick for me because I think it looks sporty and when I am at the beach that is always something I am looking for. You definately have to have your pool suits and your beach suits.

Sara Sliding Halter

Love, Love, Love this color and I think it would look good on anyone. It is such a classic suit. I am totally in love with it.

One shoulder one piece

Let me know of any cute suits you like.

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