Thursday, March 31, 2011

After a few rainy days and a day trip to Atlanta we finally got a sunny day while Rich and Esther are visiting.
Our trip to Atlanta was quick but worth it. I absolutely love Atlanta. I think it might mostly be because it is nice to see freeways and tall buildings. I always forget how much I really do miss a big city. As always I was able to hit H&M. That's usually the big highlight. Now that we are back we are prepping for a weekend down at the beach. Can't wait.

Today we spent some time at the helicopter museum and some time in the warm sun.

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  1. I'm so glad that you have visitors! How fun to show them all the fun places :) Quick question - since you're the queen of fashion, have you seen any cute swim suits lately? We're going to Costa Rica in a few weeks with Skullcandy!! WOOHOOO! I need some cute swim suits and do you think I should go to a tanning salon? Or is there a tanning lotion that you like that will make me look not-so-pasty in a few weeks? haha. email/call/text me when you have a sec ;)


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