Thursday, March 17, 2011


We certainly are lucky to have been given such a sweet girl. We adore our Ruby more than I can put into words. Many of you know that it is really difficult for us to get pregnant therefore we have to consider the fact that Ruby may be our one and only. As hard as this is we truly spend every moment possible making sure she knows that she is the most important thing in the world to us. We consider ourselves very lucky to have her.

St.Patricks Day breakfast. She insisted on having green eggs after she read me Green eggs and ham

Right before catching the bus

A few of the things I love about Ruby
I love how Ruby tries to copy whatever I write on the chalkboard. She is learning so quickly
Last night before bed she gave me and Clint a big hug and said "You are the best family that I have."
Everyday after i am ready for the day she always tells me that I am the cutest mom ever.
She loves going to the gym with us.


  1. You are for realies the cutest mom. I love that you cherish every moment and take pictures to go along with it!!

  2. I'm so impressed with her reading and writing skills! She is the smartest little lady I know - that's for sure! And you are by far the cutest mom on the planet. Hug and squeeze Rooby Baby Bobby Boobie for us ;) xoxo


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