Friday, March 11, 2011

Wings and Goodbye

Today was definitely bitter sweet. Our good friend Jason Burton got his wings and graduated today from flight school. Congratulation!!!! Not only did he graduate, but his first duty station is Hawaii. Totally jealous!!
Although we are so excited for him we are soooooo sad that he is gone. We really will miss him so much. Jason and Clint were in the University of Utah ROTC program together, but their friendship has become so much more while here at flight school. I am so happy that Clint has such a good friend in Jason. We have made some great memories here with him. We have been down to the beach several times and Jason would help Clint study during the drive. He drove back to Alabama with us at Christmas time, now that's a good friend. We've spent so nights playing games like rummikub, skipbo, and the best of all Bonanza (which Jason introduced us to.)If we werne't playing games we would be watching NCIS or Bones or SVU. And the latest is MOdern Family. Many times Ruby would cuddle in with Jason to check out what he was doing on the Ipad. She considers him family. And so do we. It was really hard to say goodbye. But hopefully we will get to be at the same duty station at some point in the Future.

Thanks for being such a good friend to Clint and for being such a good guy.We are going to miss you and your happy face so much. Thanks for all the memories and time spent with us. We are excited for you and your life in Hawaii. Keep in touch

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  1. Great pictures! I am sad that I missed his graduation, but thank you for sharing this post! He has already expressed how much he cares for you and misses you and repeated numerously that you are family to him. We will make sure we will visit you wherever you go and you can do the same! Thank you for being such close friends to him. :)


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