Friday, March 25, 2011

field trip

We we able to go on a little family field trip out to an airfield where all the attack helicopters are stationed. That means we got to see the Apache and Kiowa up close. Clint is in the YM's presidency in our ward, and the YM's president is the commander of the attack brigade. It was so incredible being next to these amazing machines. Every time I see one I am so proud of my Mr.C and can't believe that he is flying helicopters. What a man!!!!

This little guy is the helicopter that Clint would love to fly the most. It is The Kiowa. Clint loves the mission of this helicopter. They go out and look for the bad guys. It reminds him of his police days. Another perk is that the pilots carry their own M4's to shoot out the window.

Ruby and I even got to get into an Apache which is the BIG gun ship. This one is huge compared to The Kiowa. I think they are all awesome in their own way.

We had a fun evening just being together and being close to what Mr.C does everyday!!!


  1. A few years ago we took our YM and had a tour where we were up close and personal with Apaches and Blackhawks. The are truly AWESOME machines. They must be incredible to fly, GO CLINT!

  2. Wow - talk about powerful machines! How fun to see them up close and to sit in the Apache :) I wonder if you were sneaky and touched the gun that said "DO NOT GRAB" haha. You and Rubes look great - miss you guys!


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