Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days

Summer sure went fast......Now we are back home in Alabama.....Mr. C is back in class and waiting to select his airframe. We did so many fun things this summer it was hard to get home and have to get back into a routine of school.

I tried to get Ruby to smile, but she just wasn't feeling it. It was a big day for her. All day kindergarten!!!! I can't decide if it was harder for her or me

We have loved going on walks in the evenings and trying to catch fireflies, but gets a little scary when we come across snakes on the path. YIKES!!!! It's fun to have that family time together though.

Ruby is loving these pics...she always wants me to take just one more.....and then she has to check out the results and see if she wants another one. Cute thing.


  1. ok, those school pictures are classic! So sad that she's not excited but she is gonna look back years from now and die laughing at those!

  2. I agree on those pictures. Simultaneously heartbreaking and hilarious. What a doll. Good luck Ruby!

  3. I too loved those school pictures. Ruby
    looks how we all felt in Middle School.


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