Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Disney World Day 2

For our 2nd day at Disney World we went to Hollywood Studios.
There were tons of fun shows and parades to watch so it was definitely a more chill day.
And I was so happy that we made it onto Toy Story. The line is always forever long.

Waiting for a parade to start

Pas decided to participate in the dancing.
Love it!!!

We got to see a ton of fun characters, and I'll tell ya what. It is crazy how realistic they all are. I just can't get over it.

That's Ruby shaking hands with Jessie

She was mesmerized with the Beauty and the Beast show

We had to get a shot of her in front of The Tower of Terror.
Yep she went on it. We are mean parents and made her go on everything at least once

The last show of the night was Fantasmic. AMAZING!!!!
I mean AMAZING!!!!!!
It is my favorite by far. I especially loved seeing all the characters on the ferry boat
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