Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm Back

Hopefully I can get back into the habit of this again. We ended up spending the entire summer in Utah. We just kept extending and extending. It wasn't all play though. Ruby had to get her tooth pulled and a spacer put in which added 3 weeks onto the visit and then I ended up having to get new renters into our house which meant I had to get the house ready for the new renters. And that always ends up being way more work than expected.
I have wanted to blog about everything that we did while we were there. But I haven't quite figured out where to start, it is a bit overwhelming. So today I was going through some of my videos and thought I would share those for now and then slowly catch up from there. 

These first two are of Ruby and some of her cousins doing a little 4th of July performance at the family party. 

 Ruby took swimming lessons for the first time while we were there and even learned how to dive off of the diving board

And this is her amazing backstroke. I was totally impressed with how quickly she caught on.
That's my girl.


  1. Has your sister had her baby yet?? :) I haven't heard any news.

  2. Elyse, May I please have your address? I don't have my facebook any more, so you can email it to me here, at Thanks! I'm trying to get a head start on Christmas this year. :)


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