Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Great Man

Clints deployment so far has been tougher than either of us thought.
Originally we were just thinking ok a few short months and he will be back. He will get some great combat time and a ton of flight hours. But in the few short weeks that he has been there, his base has been attacked and he has lost a good friend.
Mat Fazzari
Mat was in the graduating class behind Clint and flew the same helicopter. He was one of the five guys that changed duty stations to Ft. Bragg to catch up with the deployment. Clint knew him at Ft. Rucker but I only met him once we moved to North Carolina and Mat stayed with us until they left for the deployment. He was such a good guy and both Clint and I were so excited for them to get back and for he and his wife Tovah and their two sons to move into our neighborhood. There was something special about Mat. We just felt like we would be close friends and we loved having him around.
His wife Tovah even came out with their baby and stayed too.
It was fun getting to know them and making plans for the future when we would all hang out together.
They were so tender and sweet to each other you could just tell they loved each other dearly. 
Mat loved my apple pie and I made it for the guys the night before they deployed and we made plans to have one when they got back.
It's so sad the losses that we all face
Especially the men and women fighting on behalf  of this country.
And they still go out and perform their duties even when faced with heartache.

This is a pic that Clint took of Evan and Mat within minutes of landing in Afghanistan

Clint was lucky enough to fly up to the services that they held in Bagram.
This is the pic that he took before the services.
(the Kiowa pilots wear the stetsons bc they are in the air cavalry)

And this pic is from after the services.
everyone attending approaches and salutes and leaves a token or memento

I have been more affected by the past several week than I thought I ever would.
It makes everything seem so much more real
Mat was a great man, husband and father and I feel lucky to have known him.
I think of Tovah several times a day and can't imagine the pain of loosing the love of your life.
Pray for the soldiers and all that they do for us.

 Ruby and I were able to come to SLC for Clint's Grandpas funeral
We are so happy to be here and hang out with family and friends. 
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  1. Friend, this is a time that you will always reflect on. We pray for you, for Clint and for all the warriors who continue the fight. God speed Mat...I know he is in good company...he is among heroes.

    1. Thanks Amy....and thanks for the good talks we have had over the past couple of weeks.

  2. My heart breaks every day. It is definitely hard!!! I am always praying for our soldiers and their families (you included). Make sure to call me so we can get together while you are in town.


  3. I found your blog through Muranda Barker's blog. We were backyard neighbors for a bit when you lived in our ward. I am so so sorry for the loss of such a good man. My heart also goes out to you for the other struggles in your life. My whole family prays for the troops, and we wish Clint safety and your family the best.
    -Mary Richards

  4. We are VERY grateful for the men and women in the military. Give our best wishes to Clint, and you and Ruby stay strong!!!! We love you!


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