Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ruby's Prayers

Ruby has the sweetest little prayers. I mean they aren't your typical little kid memorized prayers where they say the same thing every time. They are sincere and thought out. 
Which shouldn't surprise me one bit because that is Ruby's entire personality.
For example tonight we said a prayer with Clint....
Pretty awesome right? Cause he is in Afghanistan!!!!!
He took his iphone and he has the internet so we face time at least once a day most days it is twice. It is so awesome. It really makes a huge difference being able to see him. I think I would be losing my mind if we didn't get to.So for that I am so thankful. 
Back to Ruby's Prayer.....
Ruby has seen me at my lowest point, wanting another baby, going through invitro, getting pregnant, miscarrying, invitro again, and then nothing. She has seen the pain and suffering, so much so that any time that I cry now she automatically gets me tissue and sings me a song. Usually "You are my Sunshine" or "Edelweiss"
She will sit with me and wipe all my tears and usually tell me what makes her feel better when she is sad that she doesn't have a baby sister or brother. 
I mean c'mon is that not adorable?
So her prayers are always full of Thank You's, she even turns her wants into Thank You's 
Like this......from tonight's prayer.
"Thank you that daddy will return home safely from Afghanistan"
"Thank you that I will get a little brother or sister"
When I hear that I just think it's gotta happen somehow right?

Well it won't unless we do something more than we are doing currently. So we can't wait until Clint gets home this fall so that we can start pursuing both options of invitro and adoption and see where each path leads us. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Even though Ruby's are pretty dang cute I think we are going to need a lot more. And if you have any good info on either invitro or adoption send it our way. Mostly adoption since we have been through invitro twice I sorta know what to expect there. 

Lastly in Ruby's Prayer tonight she said
" thank you that Mama and Papa are together again."
Clint's grandpa passed away today and I'm sure he is so happy to be with his sweet wife again. 
He will be missed but from all that I have known and heard about him he was an incredible man and lived a long and happy life. 
We love you Papa


  1. Elyse, ur seriously amazing. I do not know how u do it with Clint being gone, and I had no idea u guys did invitro again, I am so dang sorry!! U guys r in my thoughts and prayers, in hopes of a safe return home for Clint and for your growing family!!

  2. I loved this post Elyse...I know how it is to be away from your husband, but what a blessing to have little Ruby and be able to have lots of communication with him :) I know you be blessed even more when he is home ;)

    So sorry to hear about his grandpa.

  3. You guys will definately be in my prayers! That Ruby sure is darling. What kind of info do you want on adoption? My cousin has adopted 2 kids and is a wealth of info. She is in Utah, but she might have info that would be helpful where you are. Let me know!

  4. She is the most precious thing ever. :) You guys are always in our prayers!!! Can't wait to see you in Utah!

  5. Teary-eyed. For many reasons. Thank you.

  6. Her prayers are the BEST. I always loved when she prayed for us. You are always on our minds and hearts:)


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