Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Last Beach Trip

We took one last trip down to the beautiful Florida Gulf beaches before The Welch's left.
I really am so in love with the Gulf and the amazing beaches. It is warm and so blue and the sand is so soft and white. It was a dream living so close and being able to go so many times. And having great friends to go with makes it that much better. 

Olivia is always ready for the camera. She is so fun to take pictures of.


We happened to go on St. Patrick's here was a bit of green.

All the guys standing around. Can anyone guess what they were probably talking about?????

Flying Helicopters I'm sure

And the ladies enjoying the warm weather

Cute Dave and Jessica


Oh Janan.....I miss being a 1 minute walk away from you. 

Another gorgeous Welch child

I am going to miss having such great little friends around for Ruby. I know she will meet new ones but this little Hadley was a crack up and so good for Ruby to see such an outgoing personality. Ruby is so shy when she is put in new situations that is is going to take a while for her to put herself out there and make new friends. 

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  1. Cute cute pictures! That day was super fun, heading back this weekend...we will miss you:(

  2. That sure was fun, miss you. Next beach Hawaii?

  3. I love seeing how many friends you have wherever you live.


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