Friday, July 22, 2011

Cousins Party

We had a fun get together with my cousins on my dads side
My uncle Richard said he was so glad to learn about the little bbq from his kids.
He loved it that we had made the effort and all of the arrangements.
I had to laugh cause I hadn't thought twice about getting together with these cousins.
In fact I love it.
I love catching up and talking, and all of the little kids have so much fun together at Uncle Ben's house.
Even though he terrorizes them.
The only problem this time was that we all decided that we need to come up with something really exciting to talk about for the next time we get together, since my cousin Brooke and Clint out did us all with their Helicopter talk......they think they are so cool!!!!!!!
Which to tell you the truth they are pretty cool.
Love you guys

Yummy Pace's Dairy Anne bars
these are a must have if you live in the Salt Lake, Bountiful area

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