Monday, September 19, 2011

Beachin it up

We spent the weekend at the beach with our good friends The Welch's.
It was a blast!!!!!!
We had perfect weather
Lots of laughs
Tons of Sea Shell collecting
Even some Crab catching.....followed by some crab eating.
Yep Michael and Clint caught 18 crabs and they cooked em up and ate em.
We made such great memories. Especially Ruby, who just adores their kids.
She wants to copy Paige on everything and Paige is such a good sport about it. We are so Grateful that we have been able to make such wonderful friends.

Here is the crab catching, cooking and eating. Yummy

I couldn't believe Ruby wanted to hold all of these Sea creatures.
She has been having some really fun experiences and I love that she is growing and learning

Relaxing in The Ocean.
We absolutely love The Gulf beaches.
So warm and Beautiful

This was our stow away little friend.
Clint and Michael went out snorkeling to get some big shells and Sanddollars.
It just so happened that while they were searching they got stung by jellyfish.
Clint found this really cool shell that he was so excited about. They put it in the mesh bag that they carry and when they got back to the beach and opened the bag this little guy came out.
Talk about surprised.
That night when Ruby said her prayers she said
" thank you that my Daddy could be safe, but really he wasn't that safe cause he got stung by jellyfish..... and thank you that we got to see the octopus even though it was freaky, but it was awesome too"
I really almost started laughing. it was so cute.
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  1. I guess we need to hit up the beach with you guys! That is so insain that you found star fish, octopus, and so many crabs...I seriously have to hide this post from my husband-he will die that he wasnt there! He is always begging me to go out snorkling with him-he needs some guys to hang out with at the beach:)

  2. Ditto Elyse, to everything you said. Sweet weekend! Love the pictures, I need you to document all our vacations, birthdays....whatever. You do it much better than I do!
    And Ruby is adorable. Best prayer, ever.

  3. AWESOME!!! Tel & I are so jealous we weren't there for this adventure! Your pictures are beautiful!

  4. Wow she is so brave to be touching those things! haha I don't think I would have the guts. She is so beautiful! And I love your photography.


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