Thursday, September 15, 2011


I love adding glitter to anything I can, for any occasion!!!!
It adds so much fun to something that was otherwise plain. So if you have any glitter grab it and start glitterifying anything you see!!!
My favorite thing to add glitter to is Halloween decorations
and luckily that is just around the corner.
So run out and grab something that you can add glitter to.

I sorta went crazy with the glitter on the graveyard bones. And I couldn't stop. It really is an addiction.
There are probably a ton of ways to glitterize something ( I'm trying to see how many different ways I can butcher the word glitter)
But here is what I do.....
What you'll need
a good spray can of glue
Glitter (I like using the really fine stuff)
Lrg Ziploc bag

Put the glitter in the ziploc bag
Spray the item you want glittered with the glue
Put the item in the ziploc bag and shake it around getting the glitter in all the little crevices.
Take the item out and let it dry.

and there you have....some serious glitterfied bones baby

Now this method is easy but kinda messy.
So I was extremely giddy when I read this over at Vintage Revivals
I mean how genius is that. A spray can of glitter.
Now it will just take one easy step. Oh the possibilities.
I have a feeling I am going to go crazy with the glitter. And I can't wait.
The only problem is going to be finding it in lower Alabama. Good luck to me!!!!

So go out and try it!!!!!!!
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  1. Yes! I did this a few years ago to my skulls for halloween and I use them every year...I usually have to touch them up when I pull them out again but I agree...super cute! I also did some foam trees for my christmas decorations like this... and I loved them! Have you glittered your toes yet...


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