Thursday, September 1, 2011

Selection Day

So today was a really big day for Mr. C
It was selection day...For those of you not familiar with Army Aviation here goes the explanation.
So for the past 8 months or so Mr. C has been learning to fly helicopters
While in training so far he has flown what is called a TH67
It is a basic helicopter. No army stuff . Just something they learn the basics on,
and this is what it looks like

btw that really is Clint flying in the above 2 pics

The last 4 weeks of that training was spent in what is called BWS (Basic War fighting Skills)
During that training Mr. C flew the OH58 A/C
Which is an old Army aircraft used just for training.

After all that training was complete he had to take a PT test
The combined scored of that test and all the other tests he took during flight school made up what is called an OML list.....which is just a list of how well you did on everything and determines which order you choose aircraft's. So basically the better your combined score the higher on the list you are and the sooner you pick from the list of aircraft's available.
After all of this when it was Clint's turn to pick there was a

OH 58 Delta Kiowa Warrior

which is the airframe that Clint has really wanted to fly ever since he started flight school.

We are so excited and really can't believe that we are at this point in training
Now onto more studying for this new airframe,
and next up is finding out where we are going next.
So stay tuned!!!!!

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  1. Very happy for Clint that he got his first choice. I hope also get first choice in locations.

  2. How fun! I'm glad all his hard work is paying off. What a cool look chopper and it will make a pretty sweet office for the clint man!

  3. Ok I'm so excited and also praying that you get to come to Hawaii!!! And stop being so dang cute, I have sooo much to learn and live up to! Thanks for being a great example. :)


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