Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lamp Lovin'

So this is another knock off that I did.
I had saved this image forever ago, knowing that I wanted to make this at some point, and when I had collected enough scraps of fabric that I wanted to use I got to work.

This beautiful lamp shade was originally from Anthro, but I can't find it for sale anymore so I am glad that I had saved the image.

(img Anthropologie)

And this is how mine turned out.

Pretty awesome
It was super duper easy....just time consuming. It took a couple of movie nights with Clint to get it all cut out. Once I had it cut out and it was how I wanted it I just got busy gluing those little pieces on with this product that I love. I get it at Walmart.
Aleene's Platinum Bond Adhesive Super Fabric 2 oz
So there it easy new lamp shade that is inexpensive to make.

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  1. It turned out fun and colorful! I see you are keeping busy with lots of projects :)

  2. You got some great fabrics there! As always, you have fine taste.

    1. Thank you, I just grab any left overs from friends projects.

  3. I love all your projects! You are so awesome.

  4. Holy cow! It looks exactly like Anthros!! NICE WORK! I am featuring this on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for linking up to Classy Clutter.

    Mallory @ Classy Clutter

    1. I am so excited! Thanks for the shout out.

  5. Wow, this is really attractive! We recently attended a wedding reception where the theme/decor was "classy clutter" (at least that's what I would call it!) with old dressers, lamps, burlap and lace, etc.


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